Peg Solitaire
General relativity
Fermat's last theorem
Here, a revolutionary method to complete peg solitaire game is explained. First of all, the game is played according to Virtual rule. Next, First stones are decided based on the result. And then Last stones are decided corresponding to each of First stones. When First stone and Last stone are decided, how the game to be advanced is understood. If this document is read, Virtual rule can be understood easily by every one..

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Light's bending in gravitational fields

Apsidal precession

Elliptic orbit and Perihelion shift

Relativistic perihelion shift

GPS time difference

A simple proof of Fermat's last theorem

First stone and Last stone 1.6MB

Rectangle12 F3board

Classic F1boards

First two and Last one 0.4MB

Square16 F2board

Square25 F2board

Peg Solitaire Diamond 4.8MB

Peg Solitaire British 1.5MB

Peg Solitaire French 1.2MB

Peg Solitaire Square 0.5MB

Peg Solitaire Linked Square 1.6MB

Peg Solitaire Deformed Diamond 0.3MB

Peg Solitaire Deformed British 0.7MB

Peg Solitaire Solid Octahedron 0.4MB

Peg Solitaire Rectangle 0.2MB

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