Number theory 2023/10/01

ABC Conjecture 2023/10/01
ABC予想 2023/10/01

A proof of Fermat's Last Theorem 2023/09/21
フェルマーの最終定理の証明 2023/09/21

Prime counting 2023/06/08
素数の計数 2023/06/08

Sophie Germain prime and Fermat's Last Theorem

Infinite existence of Sophie Germain primes 2022/11/15
ソフィージェルマン素数の無限存在 2022/11/15

Goldbach's conjecture Added proof of prime number theorem 2022/11/06
ゴールドバッハ予想の証明(素数定理の証明追加) 2022/11/06

A proof of the prime number theorem 2023/04/27
素数定理の証明 2023/04/27

Collatz's conjecture 2022/08/06
コラッツ予想 2022/08/06

The ratio of prime numbers

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